RNAct is a EU-MSCA ITN project with as research aim the design of novel RNA recognition motif (RRM) proteins for exploitation in synthetic biology and bio-analytics. This is achieved through a design cycle that starts with computational approaches at the sequence and structure levels of proteins and RNA, in order to select amino acid positions and mutations for large-scale phage display experiments with RNA screening. Viable RRMs will be further investigated at the atomic level with integrative structural biology approaches, and will be applied in synthetic biology, to post-transcriptionally regulate fatty acid processing via RRMs, and in bio-analytics, to detect RNA in-cell and design RNA biochips.

We have now selected the 10 Ph.D. students (or "early stage researchers", ESRs) that will work for, and be trained by, this project. They are scheduled to start on the 1st of September 2019 - we are looking forward to kicking off the project with them!